Runner of the Month

Runner of the Month

Run Motivators is proud to have these amazing athletes in our fitness family. Runners of the month receive $15.00 Run Motivators gift card, a discount code for 25% off our events all month long for themselves and their friends, and a custom Runner of the Month award ribbon.

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September 2018

Posted on September 21st, 2018 at 5:54 PM

Anna Vega is a US Navy veteran. She enjoys walking and has recently begun biking for some variety. Like many of us, Anna loves to eat, and uses running as motivation. She rewards herself with well-deserved treats once they have been earned by completing her miles.

Anna has struggled with weight, but is committed to never letting herself quit. She has had gastric sleeve surgery and is committed to a healthy life-style. She is doing this for herself and no one else!