Runner of the Month

Runner of the Month

Run Motivators is proud to have these amazing athletes in our fitness family. Runners of the month receive $15.00 Run Motivators gift card, a discount code for 25% off our events all month long for themselves and their friends, and a custom Runner of the Month award ribbon.

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May 2017

Posted on June 1st, 2017 at 3:37 PM
May 2017

Cati Currier - Muskegon, MI

Cati is a participant in the I Run 4 program and stays fit by putting in as many miles as possible for her 12-year-old IR4 buddy, Erik.  Although blind, she puts in several miles a day by either walking her block or dancing around her apartment with her phone in her pocket to track her miles. When possible, Cati does virtual events to earn medals for herself and Erik. She enjoys sending him these mementos and says he is her motivation to get those miles in.  His support inspires her more than she ever thought possible.

Rik Zortman - Avoca, IA

Rik runs for his son who passed away in 2009 after a brief battle with brain cancer. Although he lives in a small community without access to a fitness facility, Rik stays in shape by running through his small community and working out at home. On certain days, he runs past the cemetery where his son is buried and stops along the way to say hello. Virtual races keep him motivated to get more miles in because he enjoys earning different medals, especially for races that benefit charities.

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