Runner of the Month

Runner of the Month

Run Motivators is proud to have these amazing athletes in our fitness family. Runners of the month receive $15.00 Run Motivators gift card, a discount code for 25% off our events all month long for themselves and their friends, and a custom Runner of the Month award ribbon.

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January 2019

Posted on January 11th, 2019 at 9:35 PM

Janice Moore

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Approximately 6 ½ years ago after a nasty separation, Janice started walking every day after work to relieve stress. She gradually worked her way up to running. The regular activity helped her lose 30 pounds and feel amazing.  After a short hiatus from physical activity due to work and life interferences, she began to sign up for fun runs in her area because she wanted to feel great again like she did when she was active. She found a great running partner, which helped her get back on track. Since there weren’t many races near her, she decided to participate in a few virtual events. She has since taken part in three Run Motivators 100 Mile Challenges and states that the support and inspiration she got from the interactive groups helped motivate her to continue running. Her 12-hour work days are physically exhausting, but she still commits to regular activity by setting a schedule to go to the gym several times each week. Janice has overcome many obstacles, including a recent injury, but she continues to persevere. We are inspired by her commitment and are proud to have her as a member of our fitness family.