Fundraise with Run Motivators

If your club or organization is looking for a new and different way to raise funds, this event may be for you! The event is called #stepitupforgood and features the medal below: 


Run Motivators will assign one charity each month to benefit from registrations made for this event. Charities will earn $10 for each registration that is placed during their assigned month. We will handle all registrations, shipping, and logistics. The selected charity just needs to share the event link and get as many people as possible to sign up during their assigned month.

There are NO FEES to the host organization for this service. Registration fees, which are paid by the participant, cover all costs associated with the event. Each participant will receive the medal like the one pictured above and a printed Tyvek race bib. 

The featured charity will receive payment at the end of their respective month through a confirmed PayPal account or by paper check. 

If your organization would like to apply for consideration, please complete the form below. 

IF YOUR CHARITY IS SELECTED you will be notified by email. Due to the high volume of requests received, we are unable to reply to everyone. If your organization is not selected within 6 months of application submission, you may apply again. Multiple requests for the same organization or charity within a 6 month window will be deleted. 

At this time, we are unable to accept fundraising applications for individuals. This fundraising option is designed for groups and clubs. Acceptable groups are registered 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, clubs with legal documentation (such as an established EIN number), and schools. Applicants must be legal representatives for their organiztion. In order to prevent fraud, payment will be made directly to the organization and not to an individual. 

If your organization would like to apply for consideration, please complete the brief application below .