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RISE Above It

Posted on November 7th, 2019 at 11:48 PM

Someone needs to hear this today. And it may be you.

I am in Charleston, SC this weekend for the Hollis Co RISE Business conference. Today was the Day 1 of 3. And y'all, I am SO frickin' pumped. 

The speakers were incredible. But Trent Shelton, a former NFL wide receiver, really made an impact. As I felt the tears stream down, I looked around at a few thousand others experiencing their own epiphanies, and I felt compelled to share his message:

"It matters how many times you get back up, not how many times you fall. It's about your mentality.
What's the point of dreaming a dream if you're not working to turn that dream into a reality?
So stick life into your life. 
Be your OWN motivation. 
A legend is just an ordinary person with extraordinary determination.
So please, find a way or make one
Because in the end, you just regret the chance you didn't take. So find the courage to take one. 
Your only limit is YOU.
Don't surrender to your struggle. Make that thing surrender to you. 
Listen, pain is temporary. 
Loss is temporary. 
But giving up is forever."
--Trent Shelton

We all have regrets. We all have dreams. We all have opportunities. 
The struggle is real. I totally get it. But nothing is impossible. 
Believe in yourself. Take a leap outside your comfort zone. You can't grow and learn without failure. When you fall, just get back up again.

We all need a little motivation.

And that's exactly why I started this journey. We have over sixty events in progress right now. The possibilities are almost endless. Take a browse through the expansive menu. You never know where that spark will come from.