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Although she be but little (horse), she is fierce.

Posted on February 27th, 2018 at 4:55 PM
Although she be but little (horse), she is fierce.

Are you feeling less than inspired? Are you letting self-doubt or feelings of failure get in the way of your fitness goals?

Well, let me tell you a little horse story.

I am dead serious…I am going to tell you an inspiring tale about a little horse.

Kricket is a six-year-old miniature horse. She was rescued from a life of severe neglect by the Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue in Valley Center, CA ( in June of 2016. Luckily for Kricket, Jen Arnautu adopted her in October of that same year.

Jen explained, “When I got her, she couldn’t walk 500 feet without being exhausted. When we brought her home, it was like the lights were on but no one was home. No personality, just kind of dead inside.”

Jen and her big horse, Kiche, do endurance rides, which are competitive long distance events. To build up Kricket’s stamina, she would have a friend ride Kiche while she walked Kricket on the trail. At first, Kricket could only walk at about a mile an hour (same, Kricket…same), but these days this little horse does what no other horses of her size do.

One of Jen’s junior riders wanted to ride endurance. Because of the endurance organization’s bylaws on junior riders, Jen found herself in a predicament, where would she find another horse for her junior rider to ride? Well…those same bylaws never said you had to RIDE your horse. So, she decided to get Kricket in shape. It was 18 miles of rugged terrain through the mountains of Southern California.

Jen found as she started walking Kricket and getting her fit, her personality began to shine. Jen calls her, “A fire-breathing dragon with a red-headed temper and a Napoleonic complex.” With Jen running next to her, Kricket finished her first race in 6 hours, and since then she has become the only mini actively competing in the endurance world. Jen laments that most people who have mini horses just leave them out to pasture or in a stall and let them rot their life away, but she is hell bent to prove to the world that minis can do anything a full-sized horse can do. She also hopes that Kricket can be an ambassador for rescue animals.

Kricket helps Jen reach her fitness goal by running with her in the She is Fierce 100 Mile Challenge and other virtual and live events. This powerhouse mini horse motivates her race partner with enthusiasm for the trail and a can-do attitude!

So, when you are feeling down and just can’t find it in you to push on – ask yourself, what would Kricket do?

Now, get out there and get those miles in!

If you want to hear more about Kricket, follow her on Facebook at The Mini Adventures of Kricket.

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