Run for the Angels

Run for the Angels - Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Awareness Virtual Event

My husband and I lost four babies. The first was at 13 weeks pregnant. It is an unimaginable sadness and pain. 

And I know that I am not alone.

In 2017, I designed the first Run for the Angels medal to honor mothers (and families) of angels. What resulted was an outpouring of love and hope bigger than I could have ever imagined. Since that time, so many of our participants shared their stories with us. So many have told us that this event has helped them heal. And that makes me SO beyond happy.

Since my first loss, Mother's Day has been incredibly difficult for me. It is even more difficult knowing that I will never be a mother. For this reason, I designed this event to take place in May for Mother's Day. Since our events are flexible, they can be done anytime, anywhere. If you have a different day that works for you, please feel free to complete the event whenever you'd like.

Registrations for the new Run for Angels event begin each year in January and packets ship at the end of April. Subsequent rounds may or may not be offered depending on demand. 

This year, we are offering the opportunity to sign up for missed events. Registrations for all events on this page are now in progress. All packets will ship on October 3rd so that participants can complete the events during October, if desired, which is miscarriage and infant loss awareness month. Please sign up by September 8th to guarantee your spot. After that time, any leftover spots (if any) will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and will close on sell-out. 

$3 from each registration is donated to What little is left after that donation, paying for custom medals and bibs, credit card fees, taxes, website maintenance, building upkeep, and expensive advertising costs, is our profit -- and most of that profit goes to the start up of our own non-profit organization. I realized that my destiny is not to be a mom. I was put on this Earth for other reasons. Because of this, the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary was born. 

Your participation helps us do amazing things. And for that, we are truly grateful. 

Thank you for participating. Thank you for helping to break the silence.