How It Works

How Our Virtual Races Work

Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim, Row - All exercise miles count! All ages and abilities are welcome! 

1. Sign Up

Sign up on this website by clicking on the event, adding it to your cart, and checking out. 

2. Receive Package

Check the Order Summary of your order confirmation email for packet ship dates. 

3. Complete Distance

Put on your bib and complete your desired distance wherever and whenever you'd like. No restrictions! 

4. Log Results

Go to the Results page, register an account, and log your finish time. (Optional)

5. Celebrate!

Put the medal around your neck and celebrate your accomplishments!

Participating in a Run Like a Woman Interactive 100 Mile Challenge? Click HERE for the instructions specific to those events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is a race that you do on your own time and on your own course. You choose the location and date that you would like to run, walk, or wheel. Done this way, you have the fun of completing the race without the crowds, travel, and set schedules. Track your distance and time with a smartphone app and get a great, fun race packet without having to travel anywhere. To add to the convenience of virtual events, Run Motivators does not require you to complete your event on a specific date. You can do the race any day you choose. Our events are left open on our results website for several months beyond the sell-out date to post your finish time. 

Why do people choose to participate in virtual events?

For many reasons: to race against themselves to try and beat previous finish times, for motivation to get moving, to train for live races, they like the excitement of a race but don't care to be around crowds, and/or they enjoy earning medals. You may have other reasons for signing up. What matters is that you are out there moving and getting fit and healthy.

How do I log my results?

We work on the honor system and do not require proof of event completion. If you would like to log your race results or use our challenge logs for your personal reference and enjoyment, click on the "Results" tab from our site menu. If it is your first time using our log, you must click on "Register Account", which can be found under the Login button. Register your account using the email address that you entered when you purchased your event.

Logging your results on the website will allow you to see how you rank among participants from around the world. It will also keep track of all of your Run Motivators race finish times so you can evaluate your progress from one event to the next.

Can I post my results on your Facebook page?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. As our community grows, so does our support network. Participating in the online posts and discussions can be very motivating and give you the push you need to reach your fitness goals. We also recommend joining our private Facebook group page Run Motivators Run Club. This page was designed to give members a place to discuss events and training tips and provide encouragement to others. Find the club at:

Do I have to post my results to receive my medal?

No. You will receive your race packet and medal with your paid registration fee whether or not you post results. We work on the honor system and expect that everyone will hold themselves accountable. If you don't complete the event, you are only cheating yourself.

When will I receive my race packet and medal?


If medals are in stock, we typically ship within 3 - 10 business days. If you order during a pre-registration phase, it may be several months until your race packet ships. Just like a live race, we offer pre-registration periods to give our participants an opportunity to guarantee their spots. Ship dates are listed on each event's registration page and in your order confirmation email under the Order Summary. 

If you order several items in one transaction, some items may ship separately. Despite the uncontrollable and ever-increasing shipping costs, we ship your items at a discount to you. In order to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, the following applies:

For US participants: 

In-stock items individually priced $12 or under will ship when all items in your packet are ready to ship. If you would like those in-stock items to ship ahead of any pre-order/pre-registration packets, please order in a separate transaction.  

For international participants: 

In-stock items priced $20 USD or under will ship when all other items in your packet are ready to ship. If you would like those in-stock items to ship ahead of any pre-order/pre-registration packets, please order in a separate transaction.  

Do I have to complete the entire event distance at one time?

No. Virtual events are great because they are completely customizable to each individual's ability level. If you cannot complete the distance for the event all at once, feel free to break it up into smaller distances. What matters most is that you are being active. Eventually, you will cross that finish line! With perseverance and hard work, it will get easier every time.

What if I receive my medal before I have completed the event?

Many participants choose to wait until their race packet arrives to complete their event. Since your race packet includes your race bib (just like a live event would) we recommend waiting for the packet and then completing your race with your bib on. Then, when you cross your desired finish line, your medal will be waiting for you!

Any way you choose to do it is fine with us. This is YOUR race. You do what motivates you!

Who can participate in these events?

Anyone who is healthy enough to run, walk, or wheel the distance may participate. As with any exercise program, please get clearance from your physician prior to beginning. Minors should be accompanied by a guardian during participation.

We realize that everyone has different abilities and we welcome them all. Our events are bicycle and wheelchair friendly!

When does event registration close?

Event registration closing dates vary based on demand and popularity. When the inventory quantity reaches 0 on the event registration page, the event will close. If there is an event you are interested in and the available quantity is close to 0, it would be best to register as soon as possible. Some events do not have a quantity listed. For these events, there will be a registration deadline listed. We do occasionally re-open popular events, but there is never a guarantee.

Do you take returns?

We want you to be happy with your purchase and only offer the best quality items we can find. 

Clothing that does not fit can be exchanged within 5 days of receipt as long as the items are in new, unused condition and the items have not been laundered. If there are no replacement items in stock, store credit will be given for a future purchase. In the event a replacement is not available, you will be notified by email. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. 

Damage claims MUST be made within 72 hours of item receipt. Receipt is verified through USPS tracking. If you receive an item that was damaged in transit, we will provide a return shipping label by email for you to return it to us. The replacement item will be sent once we receive the damaged item. If a replacement for the damaged item is not available, we will provide a refund or store credit for the item's value. In the event a replacement is not available, you will be notified by email. 

ALL RETURNS, regardless of reason, must have preauthorization. Refunds will not be provided for items that are returned without prior authorization. 

Please note that events (races, challenges, etc.) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Our events are flexible and can be completed at any time at your own pace. If you are unable to complete an event when you receive the packet, simply set it aside until you are "up and running" again (but please check the package contents when it is received). 

Please email for assistance. 

Is my registration fee tax deductible if I participate in a race that benefits a charity?

Unfortunately, no. Run Motivators is a for-profit company. Because we believe in giving back to the community and our world, we donate a portion of our profits to select charities or groups. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to these organizations, please visit Our Charities page for their information and make a donation to them directly.

FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY: Why was I charged a customs fee to pick up my package?

Customs fees are charges that your country assesses for international purchases. Run Motivators is not responsible for these fees and cannot answer questions about when, how, and why they are assessed. If you have questions, please ask your local post.